ImageAEC Magazine checks out the latest product offering from Glasgow

ImageIn the past year, AceCad has reinvented itself as a provider of BIM collaboration and project management tools. We look at its latest release, a low-cost, multi model, BIM project review and communication tool.

ImageGehry Technologies recently launched a free preview of its new cloud-based file management and collaboration platform. GTeam is embryonic, but incredibly easy to use and with a well thought out workflow holds great promise.

ImageIn the last edition we looked at the latest release of Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD. Since then there have been a number of changes to its product range and pricing.

ImageWhen Project Spark was introduced to Autodesk Labs, it seemed only a matter of time before Autodesk launched an entry-level BIM modelling tool. This month Project Spark left the lab environment and manifested itself as Revit LT.

ImageBentley Systems is very serious about point clouds. In the last twelve months alone it acquired Pointools and added powerful point cloud capabilities to Descartes and ProjectWise. It now regards the laser scanning output to be a fundamental data type, just like DGN. AEC Magazine found out why.

ImageAEC Magazine takes a look at the latest Building Services application from CADline and finds one of the most focussed UK compliance tools on the market.

ImagePDF markup does not have to cost a bomb. Bluebeam’s new cut down version of Revu is a great way to redline CAD docs wherever you go.

ImageHP’s free cloud service enables users to share files on multiple devices and print to any web-ready Designjet printer.

ImageAEC Magazine looks at the new modelling enhancements, improved component database and drive towards open standards in Graphisoft’s popular Building Information Modelling (BIM) platform, ArchiCAD.

Over the years, Bentley's building solutions have undergone a number of rebrandings; TriForma, Bentley Architecture and now AECOsim. However, the foundation platform, MicroStation has remained consistent. AEC Magazine examines the new flavour.

ImageAs reliable as the sunrise, Autodesk released the updates to its family of CAD and Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools this Spring. Martyn Day visited Autodesk’s San Francisco HQ to see the latest design technology.

ImageAs far as steel fabrication and detailing packages go Advance Steel has always stood out due to its tight integration with AutoCAD. Now for the 2012 release the software is also being made available as a standalone DWG-native application, meaning users do not have to invest in a costly AutoCAD license.

ImageBIMproject is a brand new information management tool that uses BIM models to help manage and control procurement workflows all the way to construction.

ImageOcé’s new cloud-based document distribution system is designed to take the pain out of sharing the latest drawing revisions.

ImageUnder the tutelage of CEO Carl Bass, Autodesk, the world’s largest CAD software provider, has gone from a one-trick pony to a multi-platform, multi-industry specialist. At the company’s 2013 product launch event Martyn Day talked to the enterprising leader about his vision for design, hosted solutions and what lies beyond the cloud.

ImageAutodesk’s new conceptual design tool enables planners and engineers to consider geospatial, civil and architectural data together in an interactive 3D environment.

ImageLast September Autodesk announced the launch of its cloud-based services, offering free features and additional benefits for subscription customers.

ImageNvidia Maximus is a new workstation technology that enables users to work freely in a 3D application, while running a full speed rendering or simulation in the background. AEC caught up with Nvidia to find out more.

ImageGone are the days when steel fabrication software was judged purely on its ability to model steel, design connections and produce drawings and CNC data. AceCad