Case Studies

ImageJohn Robertson Architects has been committed to Building Information Modelling (BIM) for the last 11 years. It recently took the next step, moving beyond model-based architecture towards full building lifecycle management.


While many big CAD vendors wielding hefty corporate marketing budgets have come and gone in the past 20 years, small developer Robert McNeel & Associates has managed to carve out its own niche with Rhino and AccuRender. Martyn Day recently visited the company

ImageNow considered an urban essential, increasingly sophisticated sporting arenas benefit from Dassault Syst?mes

ImageThe East London Line is part of the London Underground Network and has been operating in various guises since 1869. The line features the world

ImageWith the help of Autodesk

ImageGood decision-making depends on everyone working with the best data possible. Rushmoor Borough Council, south-west of London, has done just that by using AutoCAD Map to bring together its design and geographic information.

ImageiKix was India


ImageThe Marina Bayfront Pedestrian Bridge in Singapore features a double-helix to replicate the designers

ImageLondon architects Newtecnic utilise Gehry Technologies Digital Project (DP) software to create structural building facades that are innovative, beautiful and buildable. By Nick Lerner.

ImageEcotect is one of a new generation of so called

ImageBison Concrete leads the market in precast concrete technology and as such makes heavy demands on its printing solutions. Amy Nicholson finds out how Oc? equipment has helped Bison to stay on top.

ImageWhen building contractor Lakesmere needed a digital archiving solution it turned to a portal-based technology from Union Square Software.

ImageA new polygonal modelling add-on for Rhino gave furniture craftsman Peter Donders, the control he needed to bring a 1913

ImageFor the structural design of One New Change, a seven-storey, mixed office and retail redevelopment in London, Arup adopted a 3D process with Revit Structure.

ImageWith the help of Bentley

ImageKingspan Off Site made the move to Tekla Structures to assist in the design and engineering of its systems, which in turn directly drive its manufacturing process.

ImageOrdnance Survey

ImageReusing the right drill-site design data has helped reduce oil field engineering costs by $2 million for ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc. (CPAI).